Productivity Boost

Giving your team a new year productivity boost 9 ideas to help you and your team get back to full productivity. After two weeks of late nights and sleeping in late, getting up again at my ‘normal’ time this morning was a bit of a struggle. And I don’t know ...

2023-01-03T11:55:14+00:00January 3, 2023|Employee Engagement, Productivity|

Stop the Spinning Plates

Ideas for improving productivity That lull between Christmas and New Year can be a great opportunity to clear out old clutter to clear the decks for the new year. Whilst sorting through some old files recently I came across an exercise I used to use with my leadership coaching clients ...

2022-12-23T12:36:44+00:00December 23, 2022|Productivity|

End on a high

Ending 2022 on a high Our mindset can have a huge impact on what we do and what we achieve. And of course, impact those around us. There’s no doubt this has been another difficult year for many, and I’m incredibly grateful for your continued support. Maybe you’ve attended workshops ...

2022-12-23T13:12:05+00:00December 19, 2022|Employee Engagement, Productivity|
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