Ending 2022 on a high

Our mindset can have a huge impact on what we do and what we achieve. And of course, impact those around us.

There’s no doubt this has been another difficult year for many, and I’m incredibly grateful for your continued support. Maybe you’ve attended workshops with me during the year, perhaps we’ve shared views and ideas on LinkedIn or maybe you’ve simply been reading my blogs or watching my videos on YouTube.

Whichever category you are in, thank you.

Whilst it’s easy to simply right off the rest of the year, we still have 11 days left, and time is something so precious. So, do you want to fritter away those 11 precious days?

Or would you like to end this year, and start next year, on a high?

If you’ve said the latter, I’d like to set you a little challenge.

A 3×3 challenge.

If you’ve attended any of my workshops you may already be familiar with my 3 X 3 daily reviews to help shift your mindset. If so this is a variation on that theme.

3 things to achieve

Do you find you are more productive when you have a deadline? Such as the last day before a holiday, when you plough through all the priory tasks you need to get finished before leaving work for a week or two.

Applying that principle, what 3 things would you like to achieve before the year closes? What would give you a sense of accomplishment if you got it done? Maybe it’s something  that’s been on your list for a while, or something you know will help get off to a good start next year. Or if you’ve ever completed my  Spinning Plates exercise there’s something outstanding from that.

What do you want to achieve and how will it make you feel once completed? The more vivid the image you have of what the end goal looks like and feels like, the easier it will be to achieve it.

The final push of the year can generate some extra energy, so you can celebrate the new year knowing you’ve done what you wanted to get done. The emotional high and satisfaction this gives you can be the launch pad for the next task, or to take you into 2023.

3 things worth celebrating

Reflecting on the year, what have you accomplished, learnt or is worthy of acknowledgement?

If you’ve spent more time with the family, if you’ve learnt a new skill, found a new interest, a new market opportunity, or maybe even a new career.

It’s easy to focus on all the downsides, but even shortcomings or failures can teach us something.

3 things to focus on in January

To start the new year with the right mindset, identify 3 things you’d like to achieve in January. These don’t have to be big audacious goals, but still need to get you closer to something that’s important to you and will get you excited.

If they are working towards a longer term goal, define the milestones you will reach by the end of January, so you can see a sense of progress.

The clearer the goal the more likely it will be achieved so make these goals as vivid as possible: what will you see, hear and feel when they are achieved. Keep these goals front of mind throughout January.

Share these goals with someone to give you some accountability.  However, be careful who you choose.  Avoid those who will discourage you in any way. Instead pick someone who will encourage you, support you, and show their belief in you to succeed, and will hold you to account.

Take Action to improve your mindset

If you only do one thing to finish the year with a positive mindset: Give yourself credit for at least one thing you’ve accomplished this year, and what that’s taught you.

Short goal setting video