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The 7 Leadership essentials many business owners (or their managers) unwittingly overlook

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Caroline has been writing expert management training copy for Open Air Business for two years and is a highly valued contributor. Her insights offer practical, take away learning targeted directly at the hospitality industry, and I know businesses up and down the country will be directly benefitting from her years of experience.

With a focus on helping managers improve the efficiency and job satisfaction of their teams, she promotes exemplary customer service while empowering team members to grow and take ownership of their learning.

Tally Wade, Publisher at Open Air Business

Caroline has provided us with lots of great content for some of our most popular articles over the past couple of years.

It was also a pleasure to co-present on a webinar together, in which Caroline gave a really insightful presentation on culture change.

There is no doubt Caroline is an expert in this field, as well as in customer service training, employee engagement and team leadership.

Charlie Mitchell, (formerly) Features Editor, Call Centre Manager