Management Development Programmes for First Line Managers

Tailored in house programmes

Running your own inhouse programmes

  • means the content can be tailored to your specific needs
  • allows the flexibility to work around your team’s busy schedules
  • provides the perfect platform to bring the whole management team together, and support one another
  • demonstrates your commitment to investing in your team’s development

In house management development programmes

If you have a team of managers who need to brush up on their skills or need to work more closely together, we can plan the programme to suit your specific needs. This might include in house half or full day workshops, online tutorials, access to support resources, one to one coaching.

You might be looking to focus on just one topic, or a range of skills*

1:1 coaching

If you have just one or two people in your team who need support with managing their team (or themselves), one to one coaching might be the best option. This provides the opportunity for sessions to be tailored specifically around their individual needs and we can go at a pace to suit them. These can be delivered in person or online (or a combination of both)

Coaching packages start from £750 for a series of 5 online sessions

Identifying Development Needs and Development Planning

Get support in drawing up a development plan for your existing or potential future managers.

For most people, a combination of off job and on job development works best. I can help you identify suitable potential development activities to tap into a range of resources and opportunities to appeal to different levels of experience and different preferences for learning.

Open programmes

Open programmes allow

  • sharing of ideas and best practice from different businesses
  • a community for support and accountability
  • flexibility if you can only release one manager at a time

Managers Confidence Club

Launching soon, this is the perfect way for managers (both new and experienced) to build on their knowledge and experience to develop their management skills on an ongoing basis.

The beauty of a membership programme is the community and ongoing access to support, advice and resources, so people can access what they need on a “just in time” basis.

Management Essentials Online Open Programme

This 7-week programme (weekly 7 x 2 hours sessions) is the perfect introduction for new or aspiring managers, or refresher for managers with a few years under their belt.

Online masterclasses

I run periodic short courses (2 hours) for a quick refresher or an introduction to key management skills.

These are open to anyone for a small registration fee, and free to members of the Managers Confidence Club.