Management Essentials

The perfect introduction to management for any new or aspiring manager

Programme starts
Wednesday 8th March

Management Essentials is a 7 week online programme and is a starting point for any new manager or aspiring manager.

The programme supports managers by

  • Furthering their skills to manage & engage their teams effectively
  • Increasing their confidence in getting the best from their team
  • Demonstrates your commitment to your managers by investing in their development

The programme is run periodically as an open programme.

Or let me run your own bespoke version in house programme, which provides the perfect platform to bring the whole management team together, and support one another.

What’s included:
7 modules of

  • Live 2 hour weekly workshops going into depth on one key management principle
  • Action checklists to help them keep on track in implementing what they’ve learnt
  • Their personal workbook to download and record their own ideas and intentions so they have something to refer back to, to keep themselves accountable
  • Recordings of each session to review and replay as often as they like (and if they have to miss a session)
  • An optional activity to stretch more experienced teams and managers

Who is the programme for?

  • If you rely on a team of line managers, heads of department or supervisors with minimal management skills this is an ideal way to get them started at how they manage and engage to get the very best from their teams.
  • If you’d benefit from your management team working more collaboratively and support one another in their day to day management activities to improve productivity

Two of our team attended the online management essentials program with Caroline and both came back with glowing reviews.

One said she looked forward to the course every week and learned what needed to be added to her weekly management.

The other team member said the course really helped him grow the understanding and confidence to manage a team he had recently joined.

Thanks Caroline.

Tom Agnew, Horton Golf Park

We have just concluded the Management Essentials programme –the 7 weekly modules proved to be very informative and enjoyable.

It kept them engaged and has given them a skills and confidence boost in readiness for them returning to work and leading their teams through new ways of working and service delivery.

I know that we are now a stronger team, better able to cope with and manage the challenges ahead.

I would certainly recommend this programme as a positive and interactive way to engage with a team, to get the best from individuals –leaders and operatives –and to focus on strengthening teams and maintaining teamwork to ensure an exceptional and consistent customer service ethos.

Andrew Edwards MIH, Royal Russell School (Catering)

As a result of her training, our supervisors have seen a significant improvement in their ability to manage their teams and achieve their goals. They have found the training particularly useful in their one-to-one team meetings, utilising it to improve user buy-in to individual and company goals. The training has also helped them to improve their communication skills and to better understand the needs of their team members.

I believe that Caroline’s training has had a positive impact on our organisation and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their management skills. Thank you, Caroline, for all your hard work and dedication.

For most of the group it was their first management training. Caroline’s method of delivery is fantastic- simple, easy to understand and on the money. We look forward to working with Caroline again and would highly recommend her training to all hospitality businesses.

Alex Eames, Helpbox

Caroline’s Management Essentials programme is a fantastic opportunity for new managers to gain insight into the core skills that are fundamental to their role and how these can be applied to help support and develop their team.

During the seven-week programme, Caroline provided lots of practical strategies, questionnaires, and insights into key aspects of the management role and provided opportunities throughout the course for group discussions and feedback on key management issues.

Caroline also encouraged the group to set weekly goals around specific key learning areas and to feedback how these were successfully embedded within their role. I would highly recommend Caroline’s course to other organisations who are planning to support new managers in their role.

I think that Caroline’s course would also be very helpful for organisations that currently use a hybrid approach, and where there is much more emphasis placed upon the importance of using effective communication when managing the performance of remote teams.

Gail Henderson, HR Advisor

We undertook the [Management Essentials] programme with our front of house management team before reopening following lockdown 1. We all found the training to be really useful in re-engaging our teams on our return to work.

For most of the group it was their first management training. Caroline’s method of delivery is fantastic- simple, easy to understand and on the money. We look forward to working with Caroline again and would highly recommend her training to all hospitality businesses.

Hari Fell , Owner of The Tudor Farmhouse Hotel

Caroline delivered management training to my team quite recently and I have to say the content was excellent as was her delivery, and her ability to engage the attendees. Homework and follow ups all added to the embedding of the material. Very useful and highly recommended.

Greg Brown, Home Instead

How will it increase your team’s performance?

Of course, every business is different, and every team is different. Each of you have your own challenges, targets, characteristics and dynamics. So, I can’t tell you exactly what results you’ll be able to measure at the end of the Fresh Start programme

What I CAN tell you is this:

As they work through the complete programme with me, you’ll see how they can make some clear differences

Clarity on how to create a fully engaged team of people – so that they don’t have to spend half their life checking on people and chasing up on actions

  • A plan for efficient working that capitalises on everyone’s strengths – so you can go home at the end of the day knowing that things are taken care of whilst you’re not there
  • How they can build confidence, capability willingness of their team to take ownership of problems and challenges before they become big issues.
  • Clear focus so you can have everyone working towards a common goal, resulting in greater productivity and less wastage on labour
  • And ultimately an improved bottom line profit to show your owners, investors or the bank as a result of their hard work.

What we cover

  • How our own actions and behaviours impact those around us.
  • How to set expectations and delegate effectively to free up time for management tasks
  • The importance of getting to know the team and how to help them feel valued and engaged
  • How to support team members, give feedback and manage performance so team members meet and exceed your expectations
  • How to coach and support their team to excel at their responsibilities
  • How to get their team engaged in delivering a knock your socks off customer experience
  • Realising people potential so they continue to engage, develop and retain your talent
  • Optional additional module: Recruiting and onboarding new staff so they tap into their fresh perspectives, create loyalty and get them up and running as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to the rest of the team

Management essentials

Delegate rate £197 per person

  • Available as an open programme including:
  • 7 x 2 hour live sessions
  • Action checklists
  • Workbook
  • Recordings

Management Essentials Plus

£297 per person

  • As core programme plus
  • 1:1 mentoring and accountability via:
  • 3 x 20 minute check-ins during the programme to keep delegates on track and support them in their development.

Management Essentials Team

£497 for up to 5 participants

  • As per open core programme plus:
  • 1 x 40 minute team review during the programme to secure agreement on actions
  • 1 x 40 minute team strategic review at the end of the programme to agree and embed new ways of working

Management Essentials Team plus

From £1297

  • 7 x 2 hour exclusive sessions based on the core content, tailored to your business for up to 8 participants
  • 1 x 60 minute team strategic review to make your action plan a reality by supporting progress; inputting ideas and helping you overcome any blocks to embed new ways of working

The entire programme is delivered online and digitally so you and your team have access from where ever they work.