The Mangers Confidence Club is the perfect way for managers (both new and experienced) to build on their knowledge and experience to develop their management skills on an ongoing basis.

The beauty of a membership programme is the community and ongoing access to support, advice and resources, so people can access what they need on a “just in time” basis.

Membership includes:

  • Monthly interactive masterclasses (all recorded and available to review at any time)
  • A community of like minded people to support one another
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions to get advice and answers to management questions and challenges
  • Monthly ‘expert’ interviews on specialist management related topics
  • Resources library of checklists, cheat sheets and ‘how to’ videos

Membership can be on an individual basis or business with access for up to 5 managers.

Founder members will benefit from additional bonuses and special rates for the duration of their membership.

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Group Annual Membership
£1,597 payable annually
Perfect for a team of up to 5 to work together and support one another
Founding Member
£37 per month
Get all the founding member benefits and special rates for the duration of your membership
Annual Membership
£370 paid annually
Best value