Power Hour

A fully focused 60 minutes working on your priority leadership challenge

How would it feel to spend a fully focused 60 minutes working on your priority leadership challenge?

An opportunity to drill down on this and together find a solution, plus some quick wins you can take action on straight away?

That’s exactly what we do on a Power Hour.

Here’s what happens in these 60 minute value packed sessions…

  • We’ll focus on the results that matter most to you
  • We’ll uncover any hidden obstacles to yours and your team’s performance, productivity or engagement, and find a way round them
  • We’ll identify the instant wins and where to focus your energy first
  • We’ll finish the meeting with a clear way forward, a simple view of what needs to be done and the confidence to do it.
  • Because I know how easy it is to miss or forget the golden nuggets, the session will be recorded so you can review and revisit the session whenever you want.

You get “ah-ha” moments and you also get much needed clarity. Sometimes the issues are quite complex and other times the solutions may be really simple, but when we are close to a problem, we simple can’t see this.

Here are a few examples of topics people have asked for help with in the past; do any of these apply to you too…?


When you’re nervous about taking time away from the business, or simply letting go of key tasks. Although you’ve got capable people in your team, you don’t completely trust them to manage things when you’re not there.

Staff retention

You’ve had a couple of team members leave impacting the rest of the team, and you’re worried others will now follow suit, making the problem even worse.

Implementing changes

You know you need to make changes to the way people work, but it feels like pushing treacle uphill as you get resistance every step of the way?

Tapping into talent

You simply recognise your team have so much more to offer, and you’d love to tap into this, but not sure where to start?

If any one of these situations apply to you, let me help you, now

These sessions aren’t limited to experienced managers.

If you have other junior or inexperienced managers who would benefit from some hand holding to increase their confidence and help them succeed in their role, this might just be the leg up they need.


These Power Hour sessions aren’t for everyone.

A power hour is not for you if:

  • You need legal advice or help with HR policies or procedures.
  • You’re not willing to uncover any obstacles or ways of working that may be impacting performance, productivity or engagement.
  • You aren’t prepared and committed to taking some action.

But if you’re ready to make headway on your leadership challenge…

…Book now