Need a speaker for your  next event?

Caroline’s talks are practical, energetic and thought provoking.

Caroline’s sessions on a wide variety of management and leadership topics can be…

  • Short, thought-provoking talks that inspire action
  • Longer Keynote talks that deliver different ways of thinking
  • Or full-scale half- and full-day workshops where business owners properly get into the nitty gritty of their people culture

She’s fast paced which means she covers a lot in a short time so everyone comes away with some simple easy wins to action immediately, as well as a fistful of  longer term strategic ideas to enhance their employees’ engagement and productivity.

She’s famous for her warmth and interactive style; but no-one leaves without having to put in some effort!

When I first approached Caroline to speak at our Farm Diversification event, I couldn’t even imagine what an impactful session she would deliver.
Five minutes in, our entire audience was standing up, having fun and engaging with the content.

Not only was the presentation bespoke and tailored to the needs of the customer facing diversified farmers but it also got everyone engaged and talking and we all know that is almost impossible to do towards the end of an event.

Thank you Caroline, you are an amazing speaker, can’t recommend you enough.

Laura Boaca, Conference Producer, Farmers Weekly

Caroline was a guest speaker at our seminar for local business and she enthusiastically delivered a strong piece on how to retain staff. Her presentation was well delivered and well received. I would recommend her to any company who is looking to increase focus around customer retention and loyalty.

Anita Whiting, March Recruitment

I was referred to Caroline by a friend of mine who had attended one of Caroline talks. At the time I was putting together a seminar for credit professionals and wanted something more than just facts, numbers and overall finance. I asked Caroline to come along and add some care into the day.

What she provided was an excellent talk on “pride”, the feedback I received was fantastic. I was somewhat sceptical on having a speaker outside the normal technical realms however her warmth and delivery was fantastic, and I would definitely look to use her again. Thank you again, Caroline.

Brendan Clarkson, Debt, Advisory and Operations Director

Current Talks

Puffed up with Pride

”A customer will never love a business until its employees love it first”
(Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why”)

Whether you agree with this statement or not, there’s no denying that employee recognition massively impacts your team’s productivity, your staff retention, your customers’ loyalty and ultimately your bottom line.

In this talk Caroline shares 5 essential management strategies to make employees feel proud to represent your business, proud of their contribution to its success, and proud to serve your customers.

Caroline Cooper MIH Speaker Biography

Caroline believes that how people are led and managed has a major impact on their productivity, staff retention and on your members’ experience.

But, Caroline learnt how to get the best from people the hard way. At the tender age of 21 she had her first management role thrust upon her. With a catering qualification and degree but absolutely no experience or guidance in managing people!

As it happened, she was either extremely lucky or didn’t do such a bad job after all.  But it doesn’t always work out this way. All too often people who are brilliant at their role get rewarded by being promoted into a supervisory or management role for which they’ve had no training, little preparation and minimal support.

That’s why Caroline now devotes so much of her time to helping junior managers succeed, giving them the skills and confidence to manage their teams effectively.

She has over 30 years’ training and development experience behind her, 25 of which have been in hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses.

She is the author of 2 books: “The Hotel Success Handbook” (2010) for owners of small hotels to get more business, and “Creating Service Superstars” (2017) focusing on how businesses can create a culture for delivering a memorable customer experience. Caroline also writes regularly for several periodicals on managing people.