Why Invest in Management Development?

Does this sound familiar?

Your business is growing, so you need a team of competent and confident managers who you can trust to take care of the day to day managing of the team, so you can focus on strategic matters.

You’ve identified some talent within your team, and you promote that person to become a manager or supervisor.

But then they struggle with getting the best from their team.

So, ask yourself, have your first line managers the right skills and confidence to manage and engage their teams, so they create a productive and engaged team who deliver a fabulous customer experience?

The impact

Moving into a first-time management role can be lonely.

Not only does the new manager suffer, but their team are also impacted by their manager’s inexperience.

According to Research by Gallup/Bain & Company engaged staff are 44% more productive than staff who are merely satisfied.

And inspired staff are 125% more productive than staff who are merely ‘satisfied’

So if your manager isn’t managing effectively this can have a massive impact on productivity, staff turnover and ultimately your bottom line.

It’s all too easy to leave newly promoted managers to muddle along and learn on the job.

But, unless they get the chance to develop their management skills, to be given the resources and the opportunity to build their confidence, you are leaving their effectiveness as a manager to chance.

Why is it so difficult for first time managers?

Let’s consider some of the challenges new managers face:

  • Lack of confidence in dealing with performance issues
  • Discomfort of managing friends or colleagues they’ve worked alongside for years
  • Vague expectations of their team
  • Avoiding problems, hoping they will go away
  • Confusion and mixed messages when different managers have different standards
  • Lack of trust in the team and the ability to let go
  • Striking a balance between doing and directing

These are just some of the challenges inexperienced managers face

Leaving them feeling:

  • disillusioned when they don’t get the response and results they want
  • frustrated with working things out by trial and error
  • upset when they don’t get the respect they feel they deserve
  • overwhelmed because they don’t know what they need to do to get the job done
  • knocking their confidence in their ability.

So the team become demotivated as a consequence.

… meaning you get sucked back into dealing with all the day to day operational issues.

And all those big strategic matters get put on hold again and again.

The alternative

When you invest in your management team

  • They feel supported
  • They feel valued
  • Their confidence grows

…so they can manage, engage and support their teams.

The new result

  • Your team are happier and more engaged in their work
  • They deliver a better customer experience
  • They are more productive
  • You have lower staff turnover
  • Your managers and supervisors are happier and more inspired
  • You are confident they can manage in your absence, leaving you to focus on other priorities

Let’s chat to work out the best development plan for your management team, so they get the best from their teams.